American Media Refuses to Expose Your Illegitimate President

Trump II

Have you heard that Trump has been a Russian asset for more than five years? Of course you haven’t if you only read American publications, or watch television for your news. Media from around the world knows the truth. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have shared a relationship for a very long time.

When it was revealed that Putin intervened in our election, the American people should not have been surprised. Many of Trump’s circle of sinners have close ties to Russia and Putin. Trump’s national security adviser was forced to resign because of his illegal communication with Russian officials. Mike Flynn not only discussed the removal of sanctions imposed by President Obama; he lied about it to Mike Pence.

Multiple sources now confirm that Trump’s campaign frequently communicated with Russia during the campaign. Although Trump’s secret police, and its leader, James Comey, claimed that their was no evidence that Trump had an established a relationship with Putin, other agencies not loyal to Trump reported otherwise.

Trump is very angry about these reports, and naturally denies them. This is Trump’s standard operating procedure. However, he has a problem; his lips were moving, and that means he was lying.

Even Trump supporters must admit that something smells rotten in Washington, and it’s Trump’s new cesspool. Trump is immoral, ignorant, and totally unfit to be the President of the United States.

If Republicans had any courage; any belief in ‘doing the right thing,’ Trump would already have been served with articles of impeachment. His ethics violations are numerous, and his breach of security procedures at Mar-a-Lago last Saturday evening are unforgivable.

Don’t write; call your Representatives and your Senators. Let them know that they will not have your vote if they continue to support Trump’s unconstitutional programs.

Our founding fathers created a system of government with ‘checks and balances,’ where none of the three branches had more power than the other. When are the hypocrites on congress on the right side of the aisle planning to exercise their power against the executive branch? McConnell and the other failures in congress fought hard against a real President for eight years. Trump should not have been in office for eight days.


By James Turnage


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