Why Violence Will Rise to a Level Unheard of in Our Nation on Both Sides


First of all, before I state my premise, you must understand that I am a pacifist. I abhor violence because such actions are a rejection of intelligence. A solution to any argument is never achieved through physical conflict, and both parties suffer in one form or another. Violence separates humans. Intellectuals find long-term solutions, while those who commit violence extend the problem.

That said, I fear for our nation during the upcoming year and beyond.

During his rallies, Trump encouraged his supporters to embrace hatred and violence. He may deny it, but his words are on record. His white supremacist attitude, combined with his hatred of Muslims has encouraged millions of anti-Americans to come out of the shadows and follow their new leader. Hate crimes across America are at an all time high, but you will never hear these facts from the mainstream media. Local reports confirm the truth. But these groups will not be bullied indefinitely. They will respond in like manner.

Yesterday the body of Frank Ancona, 51, the self-proclaimed imperial wizard of a KKK chapter near St. Louis, was found dead on a riverbank. He had been missing for several days. A single gunshot to his head was the suspected cause of death. Is this the beginning of retaliation against hate crimes by extremist groups?

The ‘Trump effect’ is now a sad reality. The American people are divided, although that division is moving more to the left as Trump commits additional Constitutional and moral violations.

Trump’s circle of sinners is corrupt and composed of white supremacists, Islamophobes, homophobes, and sexists. Not a single selection or nominee is qualified to hold their post in our government. They are millionaires and billionaires whose only goals are personal. The man who runs the White House is one of the most dangerous and despicable men in our nation’s history. Steve Bannon’s involvement with Wall Street, Breitbart, and now the Trump administration confirm his anti-American philosophy.

African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, and women will not tolerate Trump’s abuse, approved by Bannon.

When all other methods fail, it is common for humans to resort to the most base solutions; this is often violence.

The sale of military style weapons among black men has been recorded as the largest in history. Peaceful protests against Trump’s illegitimate presidency will eventually turn into riots as law enforcement defends Trump and his circle of sinners.

However, the American people will not capitulate to Trump’s fascist dictatorship.

In 1775, Patrick Henry spoke to the men of the new world, and eloquently spoke words which ring true today. As Trump continues in his attempts to destroy our democracy, tens of millions of true patriots will resist in any manner necessary. They, too, will shout the words of one of our greatest patriots: “Give me liberty, or give me death.”


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Marion Doss

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