Republican Hypocrites Who Railed Against Hillary’s E-Mails Ignore Horrendous Security Violations by Trump


Republicans went absolutely ‘nuts’ about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server. They shouted at the media about a possible breach of national security. Trump supporters shouted “lock her up” at his rallies without being offered any facts. When James Comey, Trump’s head of his secret police, announced additional investigations into Hillary’s private e-mails just 11 days before the election, poll numbers changed dramatically. Republican hypocrites continued to attack Hillary over national security violations; until the election.

We are hearing nothing from an entire party of traitors today. Trump violated every security protocol known on Saturday evening when he was informed that North Korea launched a mid-range ballistic missile. While partying at Mar-a-Lago, Trump, Mike Flynn, and Steve Bannon discussed the issue at a dinner table surrounded by other diners, and the Prime Minister of Japan. Pictures were taken, and the event posted on Facebook. Where is the ire of Republicans today. Trump is the Republican’s illegitimate president; why should they care now?

Trump and his circle of sinners have no idea what they are doing. They are obviously ‘playing it by ear.’ Trump was on a victory tour after the election instead of learning about his job; about which he knew nothing. And he remains uneducated. Everything Trump knows, he learns from FOX Noise or Alex Jones. He refuses to read the ‘President’s Daily Briefing,’ or to meet with the heads of our legitimate security agencies. Only Comey has the president’s ear.

The most egregious security violation of all was revealed when national security adviser Mike Flynn was caught lying. Trump, Flynn, Tillerson, and others constantly exchange information with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump and his circle of sinners must be removed from office. The presidency is not a game; the United States is not a failing business venture. There is no excuse for Trump failing to understand correct security procedures. He has the most knowledgeable people in the world at his disposal, but instead relies on his fellow white supremacist, Steve Bannon.

In less than three weeks Trump has proven that he is unfit to soil the White House sheets.

Fire the Fool.” Plan for April 1st.


By James Turnage


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