Another of Trump’s Deplorables Confirmed by Hypocritical Republicans


Republican hypocrites and Democratic cowards allowed the nomination of one of the greatest traitors to the American people to be approved. Steven Mnuchin made billions of dollars after Wall Street cheated Americans and created the housing crash in 2008. He purchased more foreclosures than any individual in the United States, and became a member of the one-percent. Today this scumbag was approved as Trump’s Treasury Secretary, where he can continue to rape the American people.

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, offered the definitive evaluation of Mnuchin.

For someone who pledged to drain the swamp and advocate for working people, President Trump’s nomination of Mr. Mnuchin to be Secretary of the Treasury amounts to another broken promise,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), the former vice-presidential candidate, said in a statement. “His complicity in the 2008 financial crisis raises serious doubts.”

There are no doubts. This man is an opportunist like Trump. Money is his only god, and the American people be damned.

During his hearings, Mnuchin failed to disclose a stake worth some $100 million in assets as well as an interest in a company in the Cayman Islands. But none of this mattered to the party of corruption. Republicans unanimously confirmed him.

Our government has become the worst in the world. Republicans efforts to consolidate power have proven to be not only hypocritical, but a conscious effort to destroy our nation. The GOP is non-existent, and is attempting to allow Trump and Putin’s efforts to establish a fascist government in our country.

It is time to revolt, by whatever means necessary. The American people cannot allow a small number of perverted men and women to destroy the nation of our founding fathers. Republicans have become the enemy of our nation and they must be defeated at all costs.

The American people are at war with our own government, and we must prevail. We number 320 million, while Republicans are no more than 301 plus our illegitimate president. They must go. We must be recognized. The nation is us, and not them.

A second Revolutionary War is necessary, whether it be peaceful of violent. Republicans must be removed and banned from our nation’s shores. They are a far greater threat to America than ISIS or Al Qaeda.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln.

The party of special interests is destroying a once respected nation, and only the people can return it to its once revered status in the world.

Never surrender; never give-up. Please; if you love your country, re-post.


By James Turnage


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