Trump’s Priorities do not Include the Security of our Nation or our Allies


Trump has priorities, but they are not related to his presidential responsibilities. Satisfying his ego is number one. The size of the crowd at his inauguration, and the fact that Hillary crushed him in the popular vote remain of great concern to your illegitimate president. His obsession related to his belief that all Muslims are terrorists remains his second priority. Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is third on his list of vital issues.

When Kim Jong-un launched an intermediate range missile last Saturday, Trump was dining at Mar-a-Lago with Japanese Prime Minister Abe.

When Trump was informed of the launch, he remained at the dinner table with his guests. Papers were shuffled back and forth as Trump huddled with Steve Bannon and his national security adviser, conspiracy theorist Mike Flynn.

Later the two leaders made a joint statement to the White House press corps. The missile launch was not mentioned. All that was said is that ‘Japan and the United States maintained a close relationship, and that America would support Japan 100 percent.’ The Island of Japan is withing striking distance from North Korea.

Here’s what was not done.

Trump never mentioned the vulnerability of South Korea. He failed to denounce the launch. Trump never considered calling Xi Jinping, the President of China; North Korea’s only ally and fiscal support.

Bluntly and factually stated: “Trump, Flynn, and Bannon do not know what they are doing.” They are failing to secure our nation and consider the safety and security of the world. Maybe, just maybe, Trump should read the President’s Daily Briefing.

Trump and every man and woman he selected as an adviser or nominated for his cabinet is unqualified. The American people should be very afraid.

Trump refuses to consult with the heads of our security agencies, other than traitor James Comey, and does not meet regularly with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to become educated. It appears that Bannon makes all final decisions.

Fire the Fool” before April first.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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