Mike Flynn’s Lies Reveal Trump’s Russian Connection


Trump and his fellow Republican hypocrites are good at one thing; distracting the media from the most serious issues by creating small ‘fires’ which appear more sensational. The recent focus on a single issue, Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban, has taken attention away from the facts regarding Trump’s Russian connection.

Whatever happened to the investigation about claims that Trump’s staff was in contact with Vladimir Putin during the election? Why are reports being ignored that Trump and Putin have been in a close relationship for more than five years.? The media is ignoring the now confirmed “Golden Showers Dossier.” Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has even greater ties with Putin; professionally and personally. Now Mike Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, lied about his relationship with Russia. All of this confirms that Putin is in control of the White House. Why aren’t we all talking about this? Is Washington accepting fascism as our new form of government? Will Republicans vote to repeal the Constitution?

Also of extreme importance; why haven’t impeachment proceedings begun for removing Trump from his illegitimate presidency? His many ethics violations make him unfit to hold the office.

I write a lot about revolution. I have been referring to a non-violent political action, but will our government’s immoral and unconstitutional actions move us into a forceful confrontation?

Trump is throwing away taxpayer money at the rate of millions of dollars a week. Our government is allowing a spoiled rich child to have his way. Someone must put a stop to Trump’s life of privilege and luxury, and that may require stronger action by the American people; Republicans lack the cojones to do the right thing.

In my 70 years as a patriotic American, I have never witnessed such a collusion which now exists within the Republican Party. They are destroying what was left of our democracy.

Trump has taken all attention away from his illegal business practices, his failure to produce a comprehensive health report, a refusal to reveal his tax returns, accusations of sexual assault, and tapes revealing his depraved opinion of women. This immoral man has been accepted by the media, and Americans who refuse to become involved, while allowing our government to become a vile dictatorship.

I will never accept Trump’s illegitimate presidency. I will continue to expose the real Donald Trump, who is nothing more than a bully, the most immoral man in America, and an opportunist who is using his position to advance his personal wealth.


By James Turnage


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