Conservative’s Extreme Views Ignore the Needs and Desires of the American People

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For 16 years extremists in the Republican Party have ignored the polls and therefore the needs and desires of the majority. They have supported special interests and their own ambitions. Any working class American who votes for a GOP politician is voting against himself and his family.

If old, white Americans are removed from the polls, the American people support many issues by a large margin. These include a fair path for nearly twelve million immigrants to obtain legal status; same-sex marriage; our nation’s acceptance of refugees from war-torn areas; all women’s rights; and the removal of tax breaks for large corporations and the one-percent. But Republicans aren’t listening.

Hypocrite and Republican Representative from Utah, Jason Chaffetz, had a difficult week. An overflowing crowd of thousands attended a town hall meeting last Thursday, most shouting “do your job.” Chaffetz is the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Chaffetz is guilty for four long and extremely expensive investigations into the tragedy in Benghazi. He desperately wasted taxpayer’s time and money in an attempt to discover an iota of improper response by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. He failed.

Chaffetz announced that if Hillary was elected last November, he would have a long list of additional investigations.

Those at the town hall meeting demanded that he investigate multiple ethics violations by Donald Trump. He refused and offered an invalid excuse.

Back in Washington, Chaffetz is receiving more protests. Tonight Chaffetz with begin an effort to dismantle a Washington D.C. law which allows assisted euthanasia.

Chants outside the Capitol Building can be heard saying: “Hands off D.C.” the crowd is rightfully accusing Chaffetz of “bullying the city to pander to his conservative base.

Most Americans believe that a basic human right is to decide the health and welfare of their own physical existence. But Chaffetz, along with all Republicans, receives support from the hypocritical and unconstitutional Christian Religious Right.

If a single religion is allowed to impose its will on one party, and remove free choice, our nation has lost its belief in democracy and the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

Chaffetz and his cronies must be removed from office. 2018 is closer than you think. All 435 members of the House are up for reelection. Remove Trump’s power over the American people and refuse to vote for a single Republican candidate.



By James Turnage


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