Yes, It’s Time to Think About 2020 Today


More than one-half of all Americans miss President Obama already. I am one of them. I appreciated his careful consideration of the issues, his eloquent speech, and his intelligence. He broke the mold not only by being our nation’s first black president, but by being younger than any of our leaders since JFK in 1960.

Trump is our oldest, and first illegitimate president. It is time to think about 2020; what Trump lacks; and what we need for America’s future. That is, if we survive Trump’s fascist rule.

We must have a president who represents all of America; not just special interests. That means that he or she must be much younger than Trump. The largest voting bloc in our nation is now millennials. The largest growing bloc is single women. After the disaster which is Trump, minorities are realizing the necessity of voting.

Our nation needs an intelligent, energetic, and compassionate man or woman living in the White House. A minority would be a consideration, as America becomes more diverse now that my generation; baby boomers; are leaving their mortal bonds. I do not see anyone on the right as a potential candidate. I could not support anyone who is supported by the NRA or the Christian religious right. No one on the left appears to have the courage or desire to lead our nation at this time.

My advice is ‘pay attention.’ Don’t pick a candidate by watching television; we need someone who is truthful, and qualified. The field is open. It could be a black woman, or maybe a Hispanic man. How about a member of the LGBT community? Would you support a man or woman who practices Islam as their faith?

Think about it; the time is now.

We must once again be a nation which celebrates our diversity; it is our strength. The Pledge of Allegiance must once again have meaning, and all of the Constitution must become sacred once again. We cannot have a leader, or a government which chooses which amendments to respect. Privacy and individual rights must receive attention. The Patriot Act must be repealed. Citizens United must be overturned. Voting rights must make it easier to vote, not more difficult. Voter fraud has been proven a falsehood, although Trump supporters attempted to suppress votes in several states last November 8th. Women must finally be recognized as equals at home and in the workplace.

Let’s all vote for the best candidate on voting day 2020, not for a party. All Americans should become independents and cast their ballots wisely.

If I’m still here by that time, I hope to see real change; change which will be supported by the majority and respected around the world.


By James Turnage

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