Why the 2018 Midterms Will Become the Most Important Voting Event in American History


With confirmation of Trumps insidious and long-term relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the possibility that Trump will be impeached within his first year of office becomes closer to reality. Trump claimed that the 2016 election was rigged months before it was held; and he was correct. He attempted a smokescreen, but the truth is that it was rigged for him.

If Republican hypocrites can prevent legal action, the next move for the second American Revolution is the midterm elections in 2018. As Trump continues to prove that the protection of our military is of little importance to him, we could see a coup in support of the Constitution. Once again, if this does not occur, the voting public can change the direction of the future of our nation’s people.

Republicans are holding town hall meetings across America. Their base is denouncing the failure of their party to protect the Constitution and our nation’s people. His circle of sinners have received confirmation by hypocritical Republican politicians, and their next target is the Affordable Care Act which saves thousands of American lives every year.

Growing facts regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s control of your illegitimate president add to the reality that Trump must be removed from office sooner than later.

Kathleen Parker has written an op-ed article for the Washington Post which she titled; “Trump’s two-year presidency.” It is well written and factual. Trump has harmed the United States more egregiously in three weeks than “W” did in eight years. He is a disgrace to the American way of life. His associates and his support of issues which are those of white supremacists prove that he is the most despicable illegitimate president in history.

The revolution has begun, and will continue to be relentless. Trump can no longer lie and expect the majority to accept his intentional deception of the facts.

The solution can occur in two ways. A bloody second American Revolution can take place, or we can use the laws which exist before Trump repeals all remnants of democracy and freedom in the United States.

We can vote every Republican out of office. Their devotion to Trump is absurd and destructive to the American people. If Democrats regain control of the House and the Senate, our nation can be saved.

Impeachment will become a reality, and the Constitution will be preserved. The tyranny of Trump and his circle of sinners will cease to be a force in America, and their efforts to create a fascist society will be quashed.

Get involved; your future is in the balance.


By James Turnage


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