Something We Can All Do to Help Rid our Nation of the Evil which is Donald Trump



Donald Trump, and all Republicans in general, care about one thing, and one thing only; personal wealth. Business is first for Trump, and elections for politicians who become millionaires without working.


Republicans and their supporters would like you to believe that boycotting Donald Trump businesses, or companies which support their illegitimate president, is foolish and ineffective. Is that the truth? These examples prove them very wrong; Nordstrom, Starbucks, Uber, and Kellogg; all have disassociated themselves with Trump after multiple protests. Nordstrom had an additional and very valid reason to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Last year sales of her products declined by 32 percent.


It is not an assumption to say that Trump is a miser, and money his only god. Money soothes his fragile ego, and makes him feel important.


If you have any doubt that I am mistaken, Trump continues to control all of his business interests. He is operating a hotel inside of the old Post Office building within sight of the Capitol Building. The lease specifies that no government employee may operate a ‘for profit’ business on the site.


If the American people refuse to patronize any business which benefits the Trump family, your illegitimate president will understand. He ignores protests, polls, factual news, and anyone who disagrees with him. He will miss every dollar he loses in business.


I will attach two sources; one contains a list of Trump’s enterprises.


We cannot survive four years of a Trump reign. Anything that the American people can do, we must do.




By James Turnage


Source 1


Source 2


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