Poor Little Jason Chaffetz was Forced to Face Facts


Republicans all share one reality; they hate facts and love “alternative facts.” The truth is that now that Republicans have a white supremacist as their president, they are out of the shadows. They can now admit that social programs which affect minorities, low income, and impoverished Americans a will be removed and offer increased profits to the one-percent.

Chaffetz faced an overflowing crowd in his home state of Utah Thursday. The primary chant was “do your job.” Chaffetz is the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. He is responsible for the lost time and millions of dollars wasted re-investigating the Tragedy in Benghazi which resulted in the loss of four American lives, including the ambassador. He was relentless in his failures to incriminate Hillary Clinton in some manner.

When the polls revealed an expected win for Hillary in 2016, he immediately announced that he was planning a myriad of investigations against Ms. Clinton.

However, although Trump has been in office less than a month, and has been proven to commit several ethics violations, Chaffetz has not suggested a single investigation into his sordid past and present.

Chaffetz’ answer was a blatant lie. Trump continues to oversee his foreign business interests; a direct violation of ethics laws.

“People are asking me to use the power of Congress to do a full-on fishing expedition to investigate him personally on things that are not required by law. I think my doing that would be an abuse of power,” he said. What about the four Benghazi with hunts?

If a Democrat was living in the White House, Chaffetz would be glad to falsify charges against that individual.

Chffetz also refused to charge Kellyanne Conway with an ethics violation after she, a government official, advertised Ivanka’s clothing line on FOX Noise.

‘Republican’ and ‘hypocrite’ are synonyms. They have become not only the party of the rich, they are the party of corruption.

If you feel sorry for Chaffetz, you are a fool. He held the town hall meeting, knowing that Republican congressmen across the nation were receiving protest marches against Trump’s nominees, and the suggestion by Republicans of repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans don’t care about you or me; power and fortune are their only gods.

Join me in November of 2018, and again in November of 2020, and let them know that we don’t need any more rich, white men controlling our nation. We are the nation; this is our country and they are supposed to work for us.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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