Not only Trump, his Aides have Learned the ‘Art of the Lie’ as Well


While golfing with the Japanese Prime Minister, Trump learned of the latest ballistic missile firing by North Korea. His response at a hastily called news conference late into the evening was to confirm the strength of America’s relationship with Japan. Nothing more.

North Korea is lucky that they are not Nordstrom, or an American voter, who voted “illegally.” Then there would have been ‘hell to pay.’

Trump’s incapable policy adviser, Stephen Miller, said the following on FOX Noise.

“Last night, what you saw was the president of the United States sending a powerful and unmistakable signal to North Korea and to the entire world,” Miller said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“As he stood shoulder to shoulder with the prime minister of Japan and declared our steadfast and unwavering support for that alliance. And the meaning of that symbolism will be lost on no one.” Really?

Wow, if I was Kim Jong-un I would be quaking in my boots. That may be the most frightening threat I have never heard.

What Trump doesn’t know can harm us and the entire world. I miss President Obama more every day.

The truth is that Trump doesn’t know what to do. His lack of experience and refusal to learn his job becomes more evident with every passing day.

To say that Trump is unfit to be your president is a gross understatement. His illegitimate election was a travesty, and our nation may never recover from this debacle.

How much longer will Republicans ignore the damage Trump is doing to our nation and to their party? It’s their fault that he has been allowed to defile the White House. They opposed his election based upon everything we know today, and then, in true hypocritical Republican fashion, capitulated to the bully.

Time for a change; America needs an intelligent, calm, and moral president who will consider all options instead of constantly acting in a rash and dangerous manner.


By James Turnage


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