McConnell Can Run but he Cannot Hide


Any location occupied by a Republican congressman is under siege by voters. Trump’s policies are under attack, and consequently GOP politicians who obediently support them. His nominees are deplorable, failing to have qualifications for their positions, and harboring racist and bigoted beliefs.

The largest crowds have been witnessed at town hall meetings, where thousands have crowded into small rooms shouting “do your job.” The focus is primarily on Republican’s intention to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Over 20 million Americans would lose their healthcare, resulting in suffering and death for thousands of our most neglected citizens.

The worst Senate Majority Leader in history, Mitch McConnell, is not holding town hall meetings or any event where he would be forced to answer to the American people for his failures in Washington. His ‘do-nothing’ pledge eight years ago is the primary reason our government became dysfunctional.

After landing in Kentucky, McConnell attempted to avoid angry constituents, some carrying signs reading “Ditch Mitch.” He had an SUV waiting for him on the tarmac enabling him to avoid protesters inside the terminal. As he sped away, many of those waiting for him followed him to his home where they used bullhorns to read the now famous 1986 letter written by Coretta Scott King.

McConnell’s censure of respected Senator Elizabeth Warren will not be forgotten, nor will his hypocritical support of your illegitimate president.

Republicans will pay a huge price for their support of unconstitutional actions by their party’s leader. McConnell, Ryan, Cotton, Chaffetz, Cruz, and others will be remembered by voters in the 2018 midterms and in 2020. The party of special interests will lose elections as voters crowd into the polls to denounce Trump’s fascist policies; supported by Republican politicians.

Trump and his circle of sinners will never be accepted by most true Americans. Protests around the world will continue. On April 1st, a large march will occur in Washington. Labeled the “Fire the Fool” protest, thousands are expected to denounce the man who is soiling the White House sheets.

Join in and take your country back from the despot who is pretending to be the president.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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