How Expensive Will Trump’s Presidency Become, and Will He Profit from Taxpayers?


Who paid for Trump’s victory tour? Who is paying for Kellyanne Conway’s position, created by Trump? How much will it cost taxpayers for security when the “Von-Trump” family travels?

These are all valid questions. Trump and his family must be held accountable to the American people.

Trump has already cost the city of New York and the American people millions of unnecessary dollars. Extra secret service coverage is required when Trump travels to Mar-a-Lago and his golden tower in New York. The Pentagon is planning to rent space in Trump Tower to satisfy the requirement that the ‘nuclear football’ is near to the president.

Renting a floor in Trump Tower would cost taxpayers at least $1.5 million each year. Trump will personally profit from this rental. This adds to a long list of ethics violations which have not received any attention from the Republican led congress.

Trump and his strange family are costing taxpayers more money than any other first family in history. Melania’s decision to stay in Trump Tower with her son Barron, has required secret service protection. This unnecessary and very costly decision is criminal. The American people should not be held hostage so the “Von-Trump” family can continue their lives of privilege and luxury.

If you agree with me, that you resent your tax dollars being wasted by Trump, speak up.

This illegitimate presidency is a bad joke played on the American people.


By James Turnage


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