With Trump as Their President it’s not a Great Time for Republicans


At this time in his tenure as your illegitimate president, Trump is the most unpopular president in history. He has been exposed as being racist, bigoted, and ignorant. He refuses to act presidential. Trump does not read the “President’s Daily Briefing,” and chooses to receive his information from cable television. No world leader in history has received protests from around the world of the magnitude focused on Trump.

Information revealing Trump’s long-time association with Vladimir Putin has been confirmed multiple times. The election was rigged with the aid of the Russian president. Putin is pulling your illegitimate president’s strings.

When facts are exposed, Trump and his circle of sinners call it “fake news.” The only fake news occurs when Trump, Pence, Conway, or Spicer offer the public “alternative facts.”

Recent information is confirming every accusation regarding Trump, Tillerson, Flynn’s and Putin’s relationship, including the “Golden Showers Dossier.”

Because of this enormous amount of evidence proving Trump’s lies and criminality, Republicans are experiencing a growing unrest within base.

Take a recent town hall held in Utah by Representative Jason Chaffetz. You may remember Chaffetz as the Republican who called for multiple investigations regarding Hillary Clinton. Voters are asking why he is not asking the same actions for Trump.

Thousands showed up Thursday when Chaffetz announced the meeting. If he expected support from his constituents, he was very naive. He was greeted with shouting and condemnation.

You work for us” and “Do your job!” Reporters heard those who couldn’t get into the 1,080-person auditorium yelling: “Bring him out!”

This is happening all over the United States. The offices of Republican congressmen have been inundated with huge protests ordering them to vote against Trump’s unqualified and immoral nominees. Republican politicians ignored the voting public and almost unanimously voted in favor of Trump’s horrific choices, including Tillerson, DeVos, and Sessions.

They will hear us if in the 2018 midterms a huge voter turnout removes Republican hypocrites from their lives of privilege.

Become independent; renounce all party affiliation and vote for the best candidate, and that will certainly result in refusing to cast your ballot for any Republican.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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