Mitch McConnell Exposed for all to See


I have been writing about Mitch McConnell, who I believe is the worst senator in American history, for years. My total lack of disrespect began in January of 2009. Immediately after President Barrack Obama was inaugurated, McConnell declared that Republicans would do nothing with the exception of insuring that our first black president would only serve a single term. It was proof that he was a white supremacist; there was no other reason to attack our nation’s new president in such a ridiculous and traitorous manner.

For eight years McConnell refused to do anything, with the exception of collecting his bloated salary from taxpayer’s money, and of course lobbyists. The senior senator from Kentucky has not a single positive accomplishment to his credit. He is a traitor to the American people, as he openly expresses his loyalty to his party rather than to the American people. McConnell is representative of why our government is dysfunctional.

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Democratic Party posted an old picture of McConnell receiving an award while standing in front of a gigantic Confederate flag. This was in response for his defense of white supremacist Jeff Sessions. Elizabeth Warren began reading from a letter written by Coretta Scott King in 1986 during confirmation hearings. Sessions had been nominated for a federal judgeship, and the widow of Martin Luther King, Jr., registered her opposition; he was denied confirmation. McConnell interrupted the Senator, and censured her for “impugning Sessions’ character.” No one is allowed to tell the truth in Washington under orders from your illegitimate president. I believe men must be exposed for their lack of moral character.

McConnell can no longer lie about his priorities. He believes that whites are superior to all other races and men and women from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and his party is far more important than the future of our nation, which is the future of our people.

I continue to say it, but it’s time for term limits and the removal of old, white men from our nation’s government. Today’s congress is not representative of our nation’s diversity. Trump’s circle of sinners is void of races and ethnicity other than wealthy, white, old, men and women. Ben Carson is black in skin color only, and Elaine Chow is McConnell’s wife. Her appointment is in appreciation for her husband’s hypocrisy. He ceased his association with the “never Trump” movement, and is now one of his biggest supporters.

This is your new fascist and racist government. Thank you Trump supporters; I once loved my country dearly. I continue to love our nation’s people, but I have no respect and feel no loyalty to our illegitimate government.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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