Republicans Confirm Another Criminal for Trump’s Cabinet


Trump’s cabinet is filled with the slime that is left after the swamp is cleared. Tillerson, Sessions, DeVos, and the others are not only unqualified to hold office, they are degenerates and criminals. The nominee who committed the greatest crime was confirmed as Health and Human Services Secretary. His name is Tom Price, a Representative from Georgia.

Of course Price is another old, white man, and his crime is a white man’s crime. Price invested in a stock related to the healthcare industry. Then he fought to pass legislation which would increase the value of that stock. Martha Stewart went to prison for ‘insider trading;’ Price will be on Trump’s cabinet; a member of his circle of sinners.

Although Senator Elizabeth Warren was told to shut-up by Republicans during the hearings for Jeff Sessions, they allowed her to speak against the confirmation of Price.

“He wants to destroy fundamental protections that millions of Americans depend on for their health and economic security,” she said from the Senate floor. “Frankly he isn’t very subtle it.”

Ms. Warren was referring to Price’s intention to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Like all, and I mean all Republicans, he has no plan to replace the law and insure that more than 20 million Americans retain their healthcare. Thousands of Americans will be murdered by Republican politicians.

If you believe that I’m making this up, you have forgotten two well-documented instances involving Republican hypocrites Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan.

While holding a town hall meeting in Iowa early last year, Cruz was confronted by a man who told Cruz that if his brother-in-law would have had healthcare earlier, he would be alive on that day. When he asked Cruz what he would do to replace the law; Cruz walked away.

Ryan held a town hall meeting several weeks ago. One man related his story to Ryan. He had been a volunteer for Reagan and Bush ’41.’ Recently he was diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer. Although he was previously opposed to the ACA, he was forced to sign-up. He told Ryan that he was alive on that day because of the ACA. He profusely praised President Obama for his efforts to insure that all Americans could have life-saving healthcare. Ryan was dumbfounded.

Senator Warren was relentless in her condemnation of Price, and focused on the hypocrisy and ‘party first’ attitude of Republicans.

“He should have withdrawn his nomination weeks ago, and if he didn’t go voluntarily, the president and his friends in Congress should have quietly but forcefully pushed him out,” she said.

Of course, that didn’t happen. Price will join other ignorant and unqualified old, white men in Trump’s circle of sinners.

Ask yourself one, important question: “Why are Trump and his despicable Republican servants f**king the American people? The answer is greed and power.

Remove them from their ambitions. Become an activist and join the revolution.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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