FOX Noise Spinning the Truth About DeVos


Let’s get to the truth first. I need to prove to myself that I have at least an average intelligence quotient. I just finished an article written by Michael J. Petrilli for FOX Noise titled “Here’s why Betsy DeVos will be a great Education Secretary.” I have heard and read some bull***t from FOX before, but this attempt to spin the truth is exceptional.

Petrilli admits DeVos has never held any job in the educational system. But when he claims that not having been in the system is an advantage, I nearly regurgitated my lunch. I am including one paragraph where Petrilli attempts to convince readers of his “alternative fact.”

President Trump selected her to be the U.S. Secretary of Education. That person’s job is to do education politics and policy—to work with members of Congress and governors, to understand how a bill becomes a law, to provide moral support to reformers as they fight it out in the states and at the local level. With her decades of involvement in politics, with policy makers and in the trenches of the parental choice movement, DeVos is an inspired choice for the job that the Senate confirmed her for today.”

Is this the biggest pile of horse dookie you have ever read? She doesn’t even understand how a bill becomes a law? Her job is to “do education politics and policy;” what the hell does that mean? He claims that her experience in politics qualifies her? All she has accomplished in politics is to donate more than $200 million to Republican candidates to further her and her husband’s business interests.

I’m sorry, Mr. Petrilli, but you must believe that everyone who reads or listens to FOX is a moron. (Many of them are).

Bottom line; DeVos has never walked into a public school. Today she sent out a tweet which proved that she doesn’t know that our teachers spend their own money to insure their students have the equipment they need. What could this multi-billionaire know about the struggles of inner city children; especially minorities who live in poverty?

Let’s be perfectly clear; it would be impossible to find a worse choice that DeVos. She bought her position; she didn’t earn it.

I invite Mr. Petrilli to return to his day job of writing ‘jumbles,’ or whatever he has done in the past. He is not a legitimate journalist.


By James Turnage


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