A Spoiled, Rich, White 15 Year Old is the Leader of the Free World


Television media will never tell the truth. There is no benefit for them to expose our illegitimate president. Advertising is the only important goal for television in any venue. Trump’s idiocy is great for ratings, and the truth is secondary. Profit before people.

I have devoted years informing the American people of the truth. I worked for an online news publication without sufficient rewards for my efforts, and today I offer my fellow Americans facts which very few people are willing to divulge for no financial gain.

I have followed the career of Donald Trump long before he decided to become a candidate for the presidency. Once a Democrat, he realized that financial gain would be obtained by switching parties. When Vladimir Putin initiated a relationship with Trump nearly six years ago, a plan evolved to take control of the American government. Putin was very aware that his new asset had the mental capability of a 15-year-old whose intellectual inequities and sexual aberrations would secure his personal ambitions of a new world order.

The biased repudiation of the “golden showers dossier” is nothing more than another effort to protect Trump’s illicit lifestyle. The American press gave Trump a free pass when three tapes were revealed exposing his true opinions of women’s reason for existence. They virtually ignored more than a dozen complaints of sexual assault.

The truth is that although Trump is 70 and one-half years old, he remains a spoiled rich child. His immaturity requires him to live in the past. He is an impotent, dirty old man who desires the sexual conquests of his past. This past was as a sexual predator, and as an adolescent who remembers his deviant actions as a teenager.

Trump has never become an adult, as demonstrated by his immaturity. His extremely weak temperament and obvious paranoia make him a danger to the world.

Unfit” is too general a description defining Trump’s inabilities to be our nation’s president. He is nothing more than a bully, raised by very wealthy parents. He was told that he was infallible and no one else had viable opinions. Your illegitimate president is clinically insane and unqualified to be the president.

Trump’s supporters are a mixture of misinformed Americans, and white supremacists who hate today’s America. They would prefer to move our nation backwards into the dark days of the mid 20th century. Trump’s hypocritical party supports him without dissent, proving that our two-party system has failed the American people.

The United States of America is composed of 320 million people; and the people compose our nation. Our corrupt government must be replace by real Americans; Americans who represent us.

Personally, I am excited about the second revolution. I want my country to regain its respectability and its rightful place in the world.

If you love the Constitution, and the principles of our founding fathers, become an activist. We can take our country back.


By James Turnage


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