Less Than a Month Ago America had a Real President


If you pay attention to what is happening in Washington, you must be very tired of hearing Trump complain about everything from his minuscule crowd at his inauguration to his strange daughter’s clothing line being removed from the Nordstrom Department stores. When is he going to do his job? Why was he elected if he doesn’t want to be the president? Signing executive orders cannot be called work. Watching television in your robe cannot be called work. Tweeting is not work. Partying at Mir-a-Lago is not work.

Less than a month ago America had a hard working president; one who actually cared about our nation and its people. I sincerely miss President Barrack Obama.

But some of you are stuck with him; for now. I recently wrote a serious article which seriously questions Trump’s mental health. He feels the necessity to defend everything which displeases him, or negatively affects his daughter. His sons; not so much. All previous presidents have endured criticism; it’s to be expected. This is the one thing Trump is unable to do. His extremely weak temperament and his need to have his ego constantly stroked prevent him from paying attention to our nation’s ills. He is defensive, and thinks everyone is ‘out to get him.’ Now, just for fun; maybe not; here is the definition of paranoia.

A mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically elaborated into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality.”

If this isn’t a perfect description of Donald J. Trump, I wouldn’t know how to find other words which so perfectly cover every aspect of the personality he has revealed since June, 2015.

Your illegitimate president is mentally challenged; and that answers hundreds of questions. Trump is more unfit than I previously believed to lead our nation. The Joint Chiefs of Staff must remove the nuclear codes from his possession.

Trump’s penchant to brag about himself should have been our first clue. His lack of ability to effectively use the English language should have been the second. Did I say that I miss President Obama?

Just remember when. When he addressed the the American people Mr. Obama spoke in sentences which were eloquent, and no one was personally attacked. His State of the Union speeches offered hope, and inspired us. Trump preaches doom and gloom; fear and hate.

As Trump often types at the end of his thousands of tweets; “so sad.”


By James Turnage

Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of Agriculture

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