John Cornyn Calls Elizabeth Warren “Little Lady”


We will not accept any more claims by Republicans that they are not misogynists and are not waging a war on women. Senator Elizabeth Warren was told to “shut up” by Mitch McConnell and other Republicans as she was in the process of reading a letter from Coretta Scott King regarding Attorney General Nominee, Jeff Sessions, from 1986. Later three male Senators were allowed to read from the document.

In the middle of an explanation for the censuring of Ms. Warren, Republican Senator, and hypocrite, John Cornyn, was sexist as he belittled one of the most popular senators in Washington.

Do you feel bad, little lady? Are you sorry for what you did? Here—just in case you aren’t, I’m going to patronize and bore you into submission.”

Well, those may not have been his exact words, but this was the underlying meaning. His is another example why old, white men must be removed from our government, and why term limits are a mandatory change in Washington.

I have claimed for years that Republicans believe that women are a third priority. Of course white men are their most important consideration, followed by an unborn fetus, and finally white women. We won’t even discuss African Americans or Hispanics; they are unimportant.

The term ‘feminist’ has been criticized recently by those who believe women should ‘shut-up’ and sit down. I have been proud to be a feminist all of my life. All of the women in my life deserved better treatment. They were never appreciated by their employers, and many were subjected to objective treatment by the men in their lives.

I truly believe that much of the inequality in our society is based on fear and jealously.

Take the case of Senator Warren and Cronyn. She is much more intelligent that he, and a genius compared to Mitch McConnell. This angers Trump and all Republicans. For them to be aware that women in general are much smarter than old, white men is unforgivable.

Tactics to discredit Senator Warren backfired on Republicans. Support for this intelligent woman poured in from all over the world. She has become both a hero and a symbol for liberals.

The sad truth, which has been virtually ignored, is that Republicans bowed to their fuhrer, and approved the nomination of a white supremacist as America’s Attorney General. He joins others including Betsy DeVos who are unfit to be an integral part of our government.


By James Turnage


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