Why America Can no Longer Support Israel’s Imperialism


The American people, and the people of Israel will always have a special relationship. Since Israel received statehood in 1948, our nation has been the greatest supporter of this small nation in the Middle East. However, as times have changed, and the land-grabbing policy of their prime minister has escalated, it is becoming far more difficult to support their government’s isolated views and controversial actions.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been criticized by most of the world’s leaders. He has refused to negotiate with Palestinian leadership, with whom Israel shares geographical boundaries. Palestinians have received the support of a growing number of nations around the world, including many in the European Union, to be granted statehood.

Although this is becoming the consensus of opinion, Netanyahu refuses to accept any consideration of the possibility. Meanwhile, he continues to access Palestinian land which is privately owned.

During the Obama Administration, tension was evident between the two nation’s leaders. The President did not support Israel’s policy of ‘land-grabbing.’ Mr. Obama decided to repudiate the blind policies of the past and refused to accept Israel’s uncontrolled imperialism.

The United Nations has virtually recognized a Palestinian State. As a member of the ‘Security Council,’ the United States can veto any such action, but has decided not to block the effort and offer unconditional support of Israel.

Because of this action, Donald Trump is reported to be considering America’s resignation from the United Nations.

Netanyahu’s recent decision to confiscate private property from Palestinians has been approved by parliament, but is facing a challenge in appeals court. Trump supports the decision, and was informed of Netanyahu’s decision personally.

Although opposition to Netanyahu warned the parliament of international repercussions and a challenge by the International Criminal Court in the Hague, the legislation passed in favor of the Prime Minister, 60-52.

Although the naivete of the 1960’s and 1970’s about world peace was just that, it also offered a clear view of the world’s leaders. All the people of the world are the same, but sadly all of us must endure governments which are led by ambitious leaders. Mankind suffers most at the hands of government.

I was told at a very young age by a wise teacher that ‘all governments are bad; some are simply worse than others.’

Netanyahu is as poor a leader as Donald Trump. Power and wealth trump the welfare and future of their nation’s people. Arrogance and ego prevent them from being wise and considering the full ramifications of their decisions.

I was born in 1946; Israel became a bonafide nation in 1948. I remember very well the 1960 movie starring Paul Newman, “Exodus,” which told the story of the Israeli people and their struggle for independence. It was not dissimilar to our own. I was only 14 at the time, but it inspired me.

Today’s Israeli leadership is not the leadership of its past; very similar to the situation in America. For the most part, our leaders are no longer altruistic. Their ambitions have become a priority.

The people of the world must not allow themselves to be persecuted; to live in uncertainty and fear; or be controlled by unscrupulous government officials.

On April 1st, another huge march of protest against Donald Trump will occur in Washington and across the land. It is being labeled the “Fire the Fool” march. Join and make an effort to take our country back.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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