Trump’s Personal Needs Cost Taxpayer’s More Money: When Will it be Stopped? “Impeach Him”


The Republican Party is allowing Trump to throw away more taxpayer money. I remember a time when Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and others bitched about government waste incessantly. But they are willing to allow Trump anything he desires; more hypocrisy.

The latest is an idiotic and illegal move by the Department of Defense. They want to rent space in Trump Tower. This would result in the federal government paying rent to the nation’s illegitimate president. Shouldn’t the president live and work in our nations capital?

This is the last straw; it’s time for impeachment. Trump continues to have illegal business interests in foreign nations. He has an immoral and illegal relationship with Vladimir Putin. His ethics violations are growing daily, and now a conflict of interests with the Department of Defense is more than enough to remove him from office. Must he get a blowjob in the Oval Office to force Republicans to face the facts?

I have never heard of a president charging rent to the DOD or any other part of the government so they can be near him on his travels,” said Richard Painter, a former chief White House ethics counsel under George W. Bush who is part of a lawsuit accusing Trump of violating a constitutional ban for his continued ownership interest in a Washington hotel. “He should give them for free a very limited amount of space and they can rent nearby if needed.”

Let’s tell the truth, and you’ll only hear it from me. Trump’s only purpose for seeking the presidency was to enhance his personal wealth and that of Vladimir Putin, Robert Mercer, and his circle of sinners. He doesn’t give a damn about you or me, or the future of America. His god is money, and his only true love is profit.

The American people have been duped. They elected a CEO, not a president. Any man who has never worked an honest day in his life could not be expected to do so now. His days are spent watching television, and his early morning hours are spent tweeting.

This brings a valid question; who is running the government? It certainly isn’t Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell; they couldn’t run a lemonade stand. It’s not Reince Priebus, he failed the entire Republican Party as Chairman of the RNC. The answer is simple; Steve Bannon, with the aid of Putin and Mercer.

Trump is nothing more than a bad actor. He is pretending to be the president.

Trump may fool the media and the politicians who don’t work in Washington, although they’re supposed to. But he can’t fool me.

Wake up America; you have been fooled by America’s greatest con-man.

I am learning to love the word; “revolution.”


By James Turnage


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