The Revolution Has Begun: Are You With Us?

The Pres

Following Trump’s illegitimate victory on November 8th, protests began across the nation. They became more newsworthy on the day of the inauguration, and exploded on January 21st with the Women’s March on Washington, and supportive groups in U.S. cities and in nations around the world. Other large protests are being planned as I write this, and spontaneous marches have occurred daily in virtually every nation in the developed world.

There is a great similarity to the first American Revolution, and what is becoming our second rebellion against an unfit and unjust government.

Trump’s supporters are apparently following his example and staying home watching FOX Noise in their robes, underwear, or nothing at all. His detractors; his enemies; have taken to the streets citing his un-American policies and actions. They are fighting against a tyrannical man who is the illegitimate President of the United States. They are also protesting his circle of sinners who support anti-American sentiments such as white supremacy, Islamophobia, Homophobia, Xenophobia, and misogyny.

Although Republicans seek the elimination of factual history in our schools, I remember it well. Like many Americans, I loved it even more as I matured. This time in our nation’s history shares some of the elements of 1775.

Most of our nation is united in its efforts to depose an arrogant and immoral despot. We will not stop until he is no longer soiling the White House sheets.

Hopefully, the Revolution of 2017 will not become violent. However, Trump encourages fear, anger, hatred, and violence. It would not surprise me to hear him encourage his supporters to take physical retaliation against his enemies. We greatly outnumber them, and our army is diverse. His band of sinners is small, composed primarily of old white men, and women who blindly follow their men.

I am including a link to an article titled “How can Obama smile at a time like this? I think he knows something,” written by Jonathan Jones for the Guardian. It is somewhat humorous, but also strikes a note of hope. The title says it all, and I believe it to be accurate. He was a real president who worked hard as he focused on the future of all Americans. We now know that Trump spends his days watching cable television in his robe, or tweeting. This is why most of our nation’s problems are not being addressed, and those that have been received little careful thought and consideration regarding their effect on our nation’s people and those around the world. His failure to have a thoroughly valid reason for launching a failed and deadly attack on Yemen is unforgivable.

Mr. Obama is aware of Trump’s weak temperament, megalomania, and possible paranoia. Trump will eventually destroy himself, just as he has many of his business endeavors. He is the first man ever to bankrupt several casinos; a near impossibility. I know; I worked in them for 20 years. He will accomplish the same results as he fails America at every turn.

I know it’s difficult, but we must try and smile with one of our greatest presidents. But don’t give up on the fight. Become involved, and get the vote out for November of 2018. If we begin now, we can remove members of his support group; hypocritical Republican politicians.

Remember; “Fire the Fool” takes place in Washington on April 1st.


By James Turnage


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