Hey Trump: The Women’s March on Washington Was not a One-Time Event


Because of his very fragile ego, Donald Trump likely believes that the ‘Women’s March on Washington’ was a one-time event. He is sorely mistaken. With every immoral decision new protests arise around the world. But Trump denies truths and facts. This is the method he uses to protect his delicate self-esteem.

He can’t ignore facts forever. New, large protests are in the planning and organizational stages today.

On April 1st Washington will experience what is expected to be a large rally in opposition to Trump’s illegitimate presidency. It is called “Fire the Fool.” Protests in support of the Washington event are expected all over the world.

Today, the organizers of the “Women’s March” have announced that they are planning “A Day Without a Woman.” They are calling for all women to stay home from their places of employment. No date has been set at this time.

They cited successful protests against Uber and Nordstrom.

The Women’s March is committed to engaging in actions that affirmatively build community, strengthen relationships and support local, women- and minority-owned businesses,” the statement continued.

If women join the protest, our nation will be shut-down for a single day.

For example, three of the jobs I had in my life were as an airline employee at Los Angeles International Airport, as a hairstylist, and a dealer and supervisor in Northern Nevada’s Casinos. All of these industries are dominated by female employees. Flights would be severely delayed or canceled; hair salons would lose hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars; casinos would be unable to accommodate their patrons and lose millions of dollars in a single day.

Most of America’s places of business rely upon women to successfully operate. For many businesses, and many corporate leaders, the only way to get their attention is to ‘hit them in the wallet.’ Women have the right to reject your illegitimate president. His is the most immoral man in America who objectifies women, and is allegedly a sexual predator. Trump does not represent real American women.

Spearheading America’s second revolution will be millions of women who refuse to be treated as second-class citizens. The old, white men in the Republican Party have been given notice that they will be removed from office by any means possible. The GOP’s war on women will be won by those they have harmed for decades.


By James Turnage


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