Barrack Obama was a Hard-Working President: Trump Watches Television

Donald the Fascist

Once again, and I will ask until answered, who is running the White House? ‘President Trump was forced to issue a denial yesterday after a report came out indicating he spends much of his time in the White House wearing a bathrobe watching cable news. Specifically, he claims, he doesn’t own a bathrobe.’ (I doubt that; no one wants to see a grossly overweight 70-year-old man naked; not even Melania.)

It’s extremely sad that facts prove that the American voter is the least informed in the world. At least 80 percent of men and women who cast their ballots do so based on what they see and hear on television. Any lie, any half-truth is permissible. We are the laziest country in the world, especially when it comes to examining the history of our political candidates. But to learn that everything Trump knows comes from the “boob tube” is frightening.

Trump’s approval ratings are historically low; he was crushed in the popular Vote by Hillary Clinton; his supporters at the inauguration were the fewest in decades; and he makes rash decisions which are frequently unconstitutional.

But Trump doesn’t believe any of this. He continues to claim that three to five million votes were cast illegally, although both Republicans and Democrats have witnessed proof that this is entirely without merit. He doesn’t believe the polls which represent him as an extremely unpopular president. Although aerial views and film showing the empty grandstands near the White House prove that his inauguration was celebrated by fewer attendees than past presidents, he continues to believe that there were “record crowds” in attendance. Trump’s executive orders have resulted in protests around the world, but he continues to claim support from the American people.

We have our first illegitimate president who received his diploma from FOX Noise.

Paranoid schizophrenia: “A subtype of schizophreniain which the patient has delusions (false beliefs) that a person or some individuals are plotting against them or members of their family.”

Does this describe Trump? We know that he is both an egomaniac, and a megalomaniac, and has moments of uncontrolled rage. His weak temperament demonstrates deep insecurity, which results in verbal attacks aimed at his detractors. Trump is obsessive when he believes he is right and everyone else is wrong. His thought process is virtually non-existent demonstrated by his actions which appear to be based on emotion rather than facts.

America has its first mentally challenged and illegitimate president.

Trump probably hasn’t heard this, because he doesn’t read and only watches cable, but ‘denial is not a river in Egypt.’ It is easy to believe that a man with less than average intelligence would sit around in his robe most of the day watching fake news. When he spoke about Frederick Douglas last week, indicating that he thought he was still alive, intelligent Americans were dumbfounded. Was he another rich kid whose father bought him a diploma?

This is just one more reason why Trump will never be my president. Learn about the “Fire the Fool” march in Washington to be held on April 1st. Time to “throw the bum out.”


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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