What is Your Definition of Patriotism?


These are dangerous times. It is definitely time to think about our nation; how it came to be; where it is today; and where we want it to be in the future.

Because our beloved nation is divided more than at any other time since the Civil War, we must be honest about our government, and what makes our country good, and what makes it less than respected.

The media continues to mislead the American people. They join with the government in believing that together they control our nation’s people; their daily lives and their minds.

FOX televised the Super Bowl yesterday. During the pre-game broadcast, they aired a segment promoting patriotism, and inferring that we must support Trump. Blindly following and supporting a president, or even our government is not patriotism. Traitors to the nation of our founding fathers must be exposed.

Because of the manner in which the television news is presented, most of the American people believe that nation’s are composed of a land mass, and in the control of a government. Nations are people; there is no need for physical boundaries. The United States is 320 million men, women, and children. We are diverse; we are a nation of immigrants. We disagree more than we agree, but until Republicans began their tactics of fear and anger, we discussed our differences, and enjoyed the exchange of ideas. Honest deliberation is becoming a lost art. We accepted opposing views; we were tolerant, and remained compassionate.

There is nothing positive about our illegitimate president. He is an immoral man without principles. His enormous ego forces him to make rash decisions which are harmful to our nation; to the people who are the United States of America. He does not deserve my respect or my loyalty.

I consider myself a true patriot. I love the people of my nation. I will defend every individual’s Constitutional rights; I will not join with those who dislike today’s America; those who deny the rights of certain segments of our society. The color of a man’s skin; the country of his origin; his sexual orientation; or his religion of choice; are superficial designations. We are all Americans, and we are all in this together.

We are the United States of America, and I love us.

Our government is failing its people. They rule us instead of supporting the needs of the people.

Abraham Lincoln said: “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

He also stated: “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.”

Have we come to that time; that situation? It appears so. Our nation’s leaders have established a government which serves their personal ideas; there ambitions. The first and fourth amendments are under siege. The wealthiest among us receive priority, while the needs of the many are ignored. The FBI has become nothing more than the government’s secret police force. The government ignores the polls and denies the truth. We are expected to accept “alternative facts.”

Possibly the most frightening fact today is that our illegitimate president praises the leader of another nation, who was a strong man for the KGB, and accepts his acts of murder. The press, and dissidents fear for their very lives under the rule of Vladimir Putin. At the same time, Trump continues to attack those in our country who disagree with his evil views of our nation.

He continues to make poor choices from the selection of his circle of sinners, to the battles he chooses. A man is fairly judged by those with whom he associates. His advisers are composed of white supremacists, Islamophobes, homophobes, misogynists, and those who share fascist beliefs.

My patriotism does not extend to those who place their personal ambitions; their greed for power and profit; ahead of the needs of the majority.

No true American can be forced to pledge allegiance to the flag, or respect a government which does not serve all Americans. Our government lacks the same diversity as the people of our country’s 50 states.

Take time to think about your future, and the future of all Americans. Where do you want us to be in 20 years? Will be continue on a narrow path to be inclusive? Will minorities no longer be considered inferior by a large percentage of our nation, and will we become a nation which finally accepts the truth; we are all people, created equally, and love our nation, but not always its government. Will women be moved backwards into an existence similar to the 1950’s, or finally force our government to accept the fact that they are equal in all situations? Will the American people reject ignorance, and accept the fact that the LGBTQ community has a single goal; to be allowed to live their lives freely, without persecution, and love whoever they choose? Above all, one issue must be resolved and exists today as a serious danger to the Constitution is the interference of religion in our government’s day to day operation. This is a direct violation of the first amendment.

The Christian religious right has an agenda; and this agenda violates the rights of all Americans. It is the prime reason why Muslims are ostracized by many Americans. We must return to a nation which protects the right of every American to practice the religion of their choice; or none at all

Patriotism is a wonderful attribute. But blind patriotism; loyalty to a despotic government is moronic.

I dislike bumper stickers, but years ago I saw one which actually made sense. It proclaimed that; “when racism and bigotry arrive in America, they will be wearing a cross and waving the flag.”


By James Turnage

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