Super Bowl: The Worst in History


Two weeks ago when the Steelers lost to the Patriots, and gave them a gift to the Super Bowl, I wrote an article predicting today’s game. I claimed that if Brady was hit frequently, he would lose his third Super Bowl. It’s not over yet, but Brady has been hit 14 times by the Falcons, and the score at the beginning of the fourth quarter is Falcons 28, Patriots 12.

The young Atlanta defense has been excellent, but a turnover inside the 30 yard line by the offense gave New England a touchdown. Can this young Falcons team hold on to give Brady and the Patriots their third Super Bowl defeat?

Both the offense and defense failed. Penalties and key plays allowed the Pats to complete the greatest comeback in NFL Super Bowl History. With 57 seconds left, the game was tied.

Atlanta’s momentum and a 25 point lead had disappeared. Poor fourth quarter and overtime play by the Falcons gifted the Patriots a Super Bowl. A very questionable call on in the end zone gave the Patriots the ball on the one yard line, and the game was over.

This game will go down as the biggest coaching failure in NFL history. No team has ever come back from such a deficit, and both the Falcon’s offense and defense failed in the fourth quarter; but coaching was the villain.

For three quarters Atalanta dominated the game, and failed in the final 25 percent of the game.

Sad, and not exciting for anyone who loves the NFL.


By James Turnage

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