Not on My National Security Council Steve Bannon


I honestly try to find a positive about everyone. Sadly, if you write about politics, it’s often difficult, and sometimes impossible. This is the case with Trump’s senior White House adviser, and chief strategist, Steve Bannon. His views about America are not my views. I detest hatred and prejudice, and the fact that he is a white supremacist is unforgivable.

Bannon has placed himself on the White House National Security Council, although he has no qualifications to be included in this vital group of security professionals, it appears the Trump has approved the action.

What is more important is ‘who is not a permanent member of this group.’

Neither the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation’s highest ranking military officer, nor the Director of National Intelligence are included on the “principals committee.” So, why is Bannon included?

I have never been in government, nor do I choose to be, but I know that only the best and most experienced and qualified individuals should be included in this elite group. Bannon’s only qualification is his enormous ego, and need for unregulated and absolute power.

Is Bannon truly the president? This question has been discussed frequently since last Friday when insider reports claimed that it was Bannon’s suggestion and decision to ban Muslims from seven nations their rights to enter the United States. Isn’t hatred a wonderful thing?

We all know that Vladimir Putin created an asset in Donald Trump nearly six years ago when he filmed Trump in what became the “Golden Showers Dossier.” In addition, billionaire Robert Mercer placed himself in control of many of Trump’s decisions regarding advisers and cabinet nominees. But what is Bannon’s actual position? We know that titles mean nothing in Trump’s circle of sinners.

Kellyanne Conway was not Trump’s campaign manager, she is his personal ‘spin doctor.’ Bannon was not the CEO of his campaign, he was actually deciding its direction, with the aid of Putin. Is Bannon the ‘co-president,’ or is he in complete control of the White House?

I don’t know details regarding billionaire Robert Mercer, but I can make some assumptions about those with whom you associate. Putin, Trump, and Bannon share many of the worst attributes possible. They are all immoral, unprincipled, ambitious, arrogant, egotistical, and vicious. Mercer must be similar to his allies.

Bannon is not an American. He detests what makes America a respected country. He is an elitist who denounces minorities, and all religions other than Christianity. White supremacists are ignorant, arrogant, and anti-American.

The end of the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ does not say “with liberty and justice for all, except blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Gays, Jews, and women.”


By James Turnage


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