Priebus and Bannon: The Two Mistakes Who Control the White House


The word from inside the White House is that it is in chaos. This is no surprise; not one of Trump’s circle of sinners has any idea of what he or she is doing. All members of his team are involved in ‘on-the-job training.’

Failure or success begins at the top. Trump’s duo would be considered serious mistakes in any other administration.

Reince Priebus has a blank resume. As the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, he failed his party miserably. During the last two general elections, it was Priebus who lacked a strategy to assist the Republican candidates with their ambitions.

Priebus’ announcement after the election in 2012 was merely hot air. He promised that the GOP would make a sincere effort to appeal to demographics other than their base. Priebus’ primary loyalty remained with the Koch brothers.

Beginning with the first fake Republican Debate in August of 2015, Priebus made a concentrated effort to derail Donald Trump’s campaign. When all of his efforts to ‘dump Trump’ failed, he became desperate. He threw all the RNC’s resources behind Marco Rubio. “Little Marco” proved himself unequal to the task, and when he lost his own state of Florida’s primary by 20 points to “the Donald,” he was forced to suspend his campaign.

Ted Cruz is known as the ‘most hated man in Washington.’ That didn’t stop Priebus from moving the RNC’s support behind him. His lack of charisma and vague position on the issues found him licking his wounds.

Finally, after the election, Trump mysteriously selected Priebus to be his chief of staff, and in true Republican hypocritical fashion, he accepted.

I fail to understand Steve Bannon’s position in our nation’s government. Bannon’s past is not government related. He amassed his fortune working on Wall Street, which always creates a controversy. He moved on to lead Breitbart; the extreme right wing online publication which hates everyone and everything. He is a member of Alt-Right; an organization which is openly white supremacist. While with Breitbart he approved or penned articles denouncing blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, the LGBT community, and women.

When Cruz’ campaign was suspended, billionaire Robert Mercer moved Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway into Trump’s camp. For unknown reasons, Bannon became the CEO, and with no experience running a high level campaign, Conway was placed in the position of campaign manager. We quickly learned that her real function was as a “spin doctor.”

Today Bannon is Trump’s senior adviser and chief strategist; which apparently means; “how can we screw over minorities and Muslims.”

All reports from the White House reveal that Priebus and Bannon do not agree on most issues, and do not like each other. This split in Trump’s circle of sinners has trickled down to other members of the White House staff.

Adding to this dissent, are the rash and thoughtless decisions made by Trump. He fails to consult with his cronies much of the time, and even when he does, careful deliberation and consideration for possible side effects do not exist.

Take the situation one week ago. A raid on an Al Qaeda site in Yemen which contained vital information to defeat the terrorist organization, had been planned for months. For tactical reasons, the event was postponed until after Trump’s illegitimate inauguration.

Operations of this magnitude are historically finalized in the White House Situation Room. In attendance are the vice-president, Secretary of State, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the White House chief of staff, and advisers familiar with the area involved in the raid. This is what happened in Pakistan when Osama bin Laden was killed. But this didn’t happen with the disaster in Yemen.

Trump’s approval to begin the raid in Yemen was not made with top advisers surrounding him, and not in the secure room. Trump was eating dinner, and the only two men of consequence at the table were Steve Bannon, and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Although the intent of the mission was ‘intelligence gathering,’ it became a firefight. Women and children were killed, as well as one Navy Seal; three others were wounded.

Military experts labeled the event a ‘disaster.’

When members of Trump’s circle of sinners were asked about the many missteps by the White House, the final consensus was; “we’ll get better.”

For America and the world, I sincerely hope so, but I’m not very confident.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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