Let Me Introduce You to Donald J Trump: The Man Who Doesn’t Really Like Being President

Trump Rally

Make no mistake about it; Donald Trump loves the title of ‘president;’ he loves the power he thinks he has; but his huge ego is confused. During the campaign, the adulation of his supporters, and the extraordinary attention paid him by the media was a dream come true for the egomaniac. If he received criticism, he stood above the crowd and lashed out in ‘revenge’ mode; often calling them names, and attacking them personally. His use of tweets was cartoonish, and he made a fool of himself frequently.

As our nation’s illegitimate president, he has been denounced as the nation’s most hated man. Protests from various groups occurred every day since January 20th, and not only inside of the United States; they are happening around the world. He has surrounded himself with men and women who share his love of money, and his vile and even wretched beliefs. But this can’t be enough for his ego. Decisions he has made have more opposition than approval, and he will soon be engaged in multiple court battles.

Although there are many problems facing our nation, Trump chooses not to address them. He worked so hard in ten actual days in the Oval Office, (wink, wink), that he decided to take the weekend off. He is at his resort, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida.

His cabinet is not fully approved, and his botched raid in Yemen a week ago is under not only discussion but also investigation; civilians and a Navy Seal lost their lives.

But none of this is of concern to Trump; it’s time to party, and have his fragile ego stroked. While he is living a life of luxury, he is needlessly costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Although Trump has a full-time job for the first time in his life, he will continue to live life on his own terms, and spend more time playing than working.

We know that he gets most of his information from television, and that his only ability to communicate is by tweeting. He is the first president to basically ignore the ‘President’s Daily Briefing.’ instead of reading the written report on paper or an electronic device, he relies on Flynn and Mattis to ‘tell’ him what it said in synopsis form.

Trump continues to know nothing about the presidency and our government; he never will. He acts as though the presidency is similar to the role of a king or an emperor.

Trump doesn’t know how to work. As president, it’s all in the details, and Trump hates details and facts. He enjoys ‘playing the president,’ but the job is far too difficult for him.

Every action Trump takes proves that he simply doesn’t want to be the President of the United States; he’s stuck with the job. On inauguration day, Trump complained about the reporting of his very small crowd, but the truth is that he knew the truth. This was the first time that he accepted the facts; he is the most hated man in America.

The rallies are over; reality has set in. This is a real job, and although he may be “working” for a few hours a day now, he is beginning to realize that the presidency is not a part-time job.

When the first real crisis occurs; and it will; will Trump panic and run out of the White House front door screaming: “I quit!?”


By James Turnage

Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov

My fifth novel; “Four More Years;” is available on Amazon

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