If You Doubted that the ‘Alt-Right’ is a White Supremacist Group: You Won’t Be Any Longer


Immediately after the election, Trump added one member to his personal staff, and nominated another; both of whom are undoubtedly white supremacists. During his campaign, Trump proved to the world that he shares their views. No presidential candidate in modern history has vocalized such an egregious volume of hatred and bigotry.

Trump nominated Alabama Senator, Jeff Sessions, as his Attorney General. I believe that coming from Alabama, he does not believe in the rule of law embraced by most Americans. With Session’s record of racism, he became a horrific choice. Because he was refused a federal judgeship 30 years ago, based on his racist views, that should be enough to deny his nomination. I have little doubt that a white, hooded gown is hanging in his closet.

Then there’s Steve Bannon; Trump’s choice of senior adviser and chief strategist; a position which did not require Senate confirmation.

Because it is evident that Bannon is running the White House, we must know more about the man and his beliefs. His basic history creates an element of fear in patriotic Americans who believe that the Constitution is a living document which must adapt to sociological changes.

Bannon spent a short time in the United States Navy. He graduated from Harvard Business School, followed by a career at Trump’s favorite Wall Street company; Goldman Sachs, as a financier. After moving to Los Angeles to oversea investments for Goldman in the media, he set up his own firm.

Bannon’s combination of luck, and his highly vocal outrage for anything which did not support the views of the far right; the fringe of the GOP; Bannon made his fortune with a series of documentaries. In 2012, he took over Breitbart News.

While at Breitbart, he penned or approved articles which declared the extremist right wing beliefs of his fringe group. He also had regular radio broadcasts which denounced the Republican Party for not being far enough to the right. A self-proclaimed member of ‘Alt-Right,’ Bannon embraced white nationalism. He also denounced Muslims, the LGBT community, and the women’s right movement. He has been heard speaking personal views which are anti-Semitic.

Bannon believes that ‘youth is truly wasted on the young.’ He is opposed to any movement which involves millennials, and all social programs. His white supremacist views are purely based on the superiority of old, white, wealthy men.

It is commonly believed that out of the 18 executive orders signed by Trump in the first two weeks, the majority of them have been ideas offered by Bannon; including the ban on Muslims from seven nations entering America’s boundaries.

The five precepts of the ‘Alt-Right’ are firmly entrenched in the writings of Breitbart which believes that their America is only for a select few. He has professed his views that only white men are qualified to rule our nation, and are superior to all minorities.

This is your true president. Billionaire Robert Mercer gives Bannon his orders, and Bannon controls Trump.

Will the stars on the American flag be changed to small swastikas?


By James Turnage


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