FBI Becomes Trump’s Secret Police


Unreported by the media, and ignored by Democrats, is the final piece of the puzzle allowing Trump to introduce fascism in America. With weak-minded hypocrites in the Republican Party, efforts to remove free speech, and control of all three branches of government, Trump is acting in a very Hitler-like manner.

But he needed one final piece of the puzzle; a secret police.

It is now confirmed that FBI Director James Comey intentionally aided Trump in his election campaign. We have witnessed the close relationship between the two, and every assumption has been confirmed. It was no surprise when Trump decided to retain his “services.”

The FBI created a “Rap Back” program. This invasion of privacy, and direct violation of the fourth amendment, offers businesses an opportunity to receive information about every aspect of their employees lives.

Note here that there is no program to keep the nation informed of illegal and illicit actions by big business and corporations, or their CEO’s and Board of Directors. In fact, Trump has announced that he plans to remove current regulations currently affecting businesses.

You are under constant surveillance. If you doubt this fact, you are accepting Trump’s fascist government. The majority of America’s 320 million people have no representation in Washington. The ‘fourth estate,’ on which the American people have placed their faith as another branch of the ‘check and balance’ system which once made our nation proud and offered effective government, no longer exists.

Washington is experiencing a level of corruption greater than at any other time in our nation’s history. Led by hypocrites such as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, the American people are now expected to serve the government, and accept “alternative facts” without question.

Freedom isn’t free.” Although the American people are the least informed citizens in the world, eventually lies are exposed. The time is now; join the revolution and take back our country from the small number of miscreants in Washington who are dictating your future. We are the nation; government is but a necessary evil.

Trump will never be my president.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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