Another First for Trump: The Least Respected New President in History


Throughout American history, a newly elected president experiences a ‘honeymoon’ with the American people. For at least the first 100 days approval ratings remain high, or at least above 50 percent. Not the case with Donald Trump. He has been in office since Friday, January 20th; worked in the Oval Office a few hours each day from Monday thru Friday, and his only actions have been destructive and illegal. Other than that, he’s doing a great job!

Many of his supporters are turning away from the man who lied to them, and is now confirming the fact that he is unfit to be their president.

Of those surveyed recently, voters who were asked: “Who would you rather was President: Barack Obama or Donald Trump:” the response was not good for our illegitimate president. 52 percent said President Obama; 43 percent said Trump; and five-percent were undecided.

Trump’s problems are too many to describe in this short article. But most importantly is his lack of knowledge, combined with his extremely weak temperament. His decisions have been based on fake television, and have been enacted upon without counsel and careful consideration. He can be described as a ‘loose cannon.’

Whether it is about his executive orders, or his decision to send our finest into Yemen and resulting in the death of a Navy Seal without consulting with his generals and national security advisers, he has made increasingly poor decisions.

Trump has been a failure at business without using means which were illegal or at the very least controversial. According to men who have known him for years, he is the ultimate con-man; immoral, and unethical.

You who voted for him have elected our first illegitimate, immoral, and criminal resident of the White House. The rest of us will continue to condemn his unconstitutional actions, and seek his removal from office.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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