Trump’s Actions of Embezzlement Must Receive Impeachment Hearings


Until Trump won the nomination for the Republican candidacy in July of 2016, he was not receiving funding from the RNC. After he began to receive those funds, he dispersed them in a manner which was illegal, and unethical. Besides raising the rent on his own offices in Trump tower, he routed funds to his golf course resorts where he organized his campaign efforts.

Recent information reveals that Trump not only embezzled campaign funds for personal use, he used taxpayer money to pay for a trip by his son Eric. He spent nearly $100,000 on hotel rooms. Impeachment anyone?

The one truth about con-men is that they believe that they are smarter than everyone else. In the case of Trump, his less than average intelligence is a serious detriment to his game. After only two weeks, he has given his opponents evidence which could remove him from office.

“It’s customary for campaigns to provide some reimbursement, but we have never seen anything like this. It merits close scrutiny,” Norm Eisen told NPR. He said the watchdog group he chairs, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, is “poring over the records to make sure the charges are justified and legal.”

In January, Trump sent a member of the Von-Trump family to Uruguay to represent his business interests. The result was a cost of nearly $100,000 in expenses for Eric Trump’s secret service and embassy staff’s expenses. I don’t believe that I should pay for a Trump business venture; do you?

Trump is a corrupt businessman, not the president of my country. He is guilty of many crimes, including theft from American taxpayers. His encouragement at his rallies to “lock her up” are more applicable to himself and his raping of the American people. Con-artists are eventually exposed, and Trump has revealed himself as the greatest of all time.

The ignorant Americans who voted for him must be proud; we now have our first “criminal-in-chief.”


By James Turnage

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