Trump Takes Steps to Move America Into a Depression


When Barrack Hussein Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009, he faced the most difficult situation any of our presidents had previously inherited. Our nation remained involved in two unwinnable and immoral wars. America was nearing a depression stage economic downturn. The people of the United States were extremely divided. Did I mention that he was black? For that reason alone Mitch McConnell declared that Republicans in congress would do nothing with the exception of insuring that Mr. Obama was a one-term president. How did that work for you “Mitchy?”

Trump inherited a nation in recovery; the unemployment rate was under five-percent; and almost all of our soldiers were home.

But Trump wants to change all of that. He has angered our friends and our enemies; giving them reasons to not trust America’s illegitimate president. The world is facing the possibility of another war. Now he wants to revoke the financial regulations imposed by President Obama; regulations which were previously removed by George W. Bush, and the primary reason for the crash of the housing market and thousands of foreclosures.

No one should be surprised. We have a failed businessman who declared bankruptcy four times; failed to pay contractors; has been frequently sued by business associates; and accomplished the impossible; Trump failed in the casino industry.

The ‘Dodd-Frank’ Act was signed by President Obama in 2010. It’s regulations virtually guaranteed that a recurrence of the 2008 debacle would never happen again. It basically prevents the banking industry from ‘gambling with consumer’s money.’ Trump intends to revoke much of this very important law.

Of course, as with all of Trump’s executive orders, it is vague, and likely impossible to enact legally. However, the mere idea that your illegitimate president wants to return our nation to near financial ruin is revolting. Trump is your “profit before people” president.

Once again; thank you Trump supporters for giving us a president who is not as smart as George W. Bush; you accomplished the impossible.


By James Turnage

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