Trump’s War Within the White House: It’s Bannon vs Priebus


If you don’t know Steve Bannon by now, Google him and read his white supremacist beliefs, and his deplorable history at Breitbart. A few months before the election, billionaire Robert Mercer ordered Trump to accept Bannon into his inner circle as the campaign’s CEO. Today he is Trump’s senior White House adviser, and chief strategist.

Until he surrendered to Trump, Reince Priebus was the chairman of the RNC, and the leader of the “dump Trump” movement. He is now Trump’s chief of staff, which is usually the second most powerful position in Washington; the president seldom makes a move without him. It appears that Priebus may be less powerful than previous men in his position. Bannon appears to be in control of Trump’s every action.

It was Bannon who convinced Trump to ban Muslims from seven nations entry to the United States. Bannon made certain that nations in which Trump and other in his circle of sinners have business interests were exempt from the ban. These in include Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Although this executive order is supposedly intended to aid in preventing terrorists entry into our nation’s shores, 15 of the 19 terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 were Saudi nationals.

It was also Bannon who approved a raid on Yemen last Sunday. Military experts claimed that its tremendous failure was the result of incomplete preparation. One Navy Seal was killed, three were wounded, and civilians were killed including women and children. The order to execute the raid was not made in the Whit House situation room; it was made while Trump, Bannon, and his son-in-law, Jerod Kushner were having dinner. Not a member of our nation’s military leadership was present.

Trump is nothing more than a con-man and a charlatan. He is unfit to be your president. His priorities are not in any way related to the future of the American people. His rash actions have proven dangerous.

When Iran ignored the threats of Trump and Flynn, they made no effort to enter into diplomatic discussions, they don’t know how to be ‘presidential.’ Instead, additional sanctions were levied against Iran. Ignorant Republicans such as Paul Ryan ignorantly claim the the nuclear agreement between the two nations is not in jeopardy; Iran says otherwise.

Trump claims to be a deal maker, and the ‘best negotiator’ ever.

Those who have engaged in business with him claim that he is unscrupulous, and prone to illegal measures to achieve success. Trump believes that the presidency is no more than the CEO of the United States. He is so poorly informed that he believes that tweets can solve all of our nation’s many problems, few of which he understands, and that it’s ‘his way or the highway.’ In only two weeks, he has failed miserably. But, cheer up; it’s only going to get worse.

His circle of sinners have no idea about what Trump is doing or what he will do next. There is obviously no communication in Trump’s world of delusion.


By James Turnage


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