Trump’s Ignorance as Commander-in-Chief Results in the Death of a Navy Seal


While eating dinner with his circle of sinners Sunday, Trump glibly approved an attack on an Al Qaeda stronghold in Yemen. Military officials claimed that it was poorly planned and the attack itself as well as the exit strategy was confusing and lacked sufficient planning.

The original plan was to confiscate computers and other intelligence. The mission developed into a major firefight where 14 members of Al Qaeda, women and children, and one Navy Seal lost their lives.

As we’ve come to expect, Trump offered “alternative facts,” declaring the raid a complete success, and that it captured “materials and information that is yielding valuable intelligence.”

But a senior military official told NBC News “almost everything went wrong.” A senior intelligence official with direct knowledge of the operation said it’s not yet clear if the mission was a success. “We went in with the intent of capturing phones and computers and we don’t know yet if anything of great value was obtained,” the official said.

The original plans began with President Obama’s Administration, but because the execution of the raid would occur after Trump’s inauguration, he passed the final plans to Trump. The operation was scheduled for a “moonless night,” which would not happen until after the Trump was sworn into office.

Trump hates facts, and obviously refuses to read briefings by national security agencies and military leaders. He is totally unfit to be our Commander-in-Chief. An uninformed man is an ignorant man.

If I was in the military, I would be very afraid. Not only is Trump unqualified, he has bragged to the press that he loves war; even nuclear. Trump has already proven that he has absolutely no diplomatic skills, and his rash decisions, urged by his extremely weak temperament are a great danger to world peace.

How many of our heroic military will die at the hands of Donald J Trump?


By James Turnage


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