What Other Drugs Does Trump Take?


Trump never released his tax returns, or a complete medical evaluation prior to the election. Once again, this is unheard of during a presidential campaign. Trump is an overweight 70-year-old man with a weak temperament which makes him prone to angry and violent outbursts. During the debates, he continually “sniffed.” Now his “doctor” reveals that he takes drugs intended to promote hair growth.

Dr. Harold N. Bornstein reports that Trump takes three medications. One of these drugs is prostate related, and intended to promote hair growth. The drug is popularly known as ‘Propecia.’

In four telephone interviews, Bornstein claimed that Trump has regular checkups and is in excellent health. Why then has he not released a complete medical evaluation in written form?

Unfortunately, there is no Constitutional requirement for a president to release information related to a physical or mental condition. However, Trump made a huge issue of Hillary Clinton’s bout with pneumonia during the campaign.

Some psychiatrists have concerns regarding Trump’s mental health. His proclivity to respond to the most menial criticism, while disregarding the overall importance of the issue, causes concern. He also displays two of the “big five” personality traits; or lack thereof.

Trump has been called an “attention whore,” and other applicable descriptions, but the actual term is ‘extrovert.’

Extroversion: gregariousness, social dominance, enthusiasm, reward-seeking behavior”

What Trump does not possess is of more concern.

Agreeableness: warmth, care for others, altruism, compassion, modesty”

Trump has proven himself to be a megalomaniac. His view of our nation and the world is pessimistic, and he has shown little or no concern for the people of the United States.

So, my question is this; what other drugs, legal or illegal, does Trump take? Does he take Prozac? Or is he taking something more debilitating and illegal?

My brother is a Mormon, and does not consume alcohol. I gave him a small plaque for his wall years ago which read: “Never Trust a Man Who Doesn’t Drink.” Trump doesn’t drink, but what else does he consume?


By James Turnage

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