Of All Trump’s Deplorable Nominees, DeVos May Be the Worst


What are Betsy DeVos’ qualifications to be Secretary of Education? She donated millions of dollars to Trump’s campaign, and she is a billionaire. That’s it. Everyday more questions are arising about not only her lack of qualifications, but also her veracity, and suspicious activity in the political arena.

Even the hypocritical Republican Party is conceding the fact that she may be an extremely poor choice for the position. Her responses to questions about national educational statistics were not only evasive, but when she was forced to offer direct answers she was totally mistaken. This billionaire contributor to Republican Party candidates has absolutely no understanding relating to public education in America.

If the United States is to successfully move forward into the 21st century, education is at the center or our nation’s concerns. DeVos has a view of our nation’s future which would leave minorities, and underprivileged Americans behind, denying the fact that every human being offers a contribution to our nation’s future.

DeVos overstated the facts concerning such statistics as graduation rates. She also plagiarized some of her answers. Neither DeVos or her children have ever attended public schools. She has no experience at all in the national educational system.

How can a billionaire understand the needs of a black elementary school student living in poverty? How can she relate to hunger, and a family’s struggle to simply survive? Does she believe that this same child should receive an education comparable to that of her own children who attended private schools? Should this child have the opportunity to attend college and contribute to the future of our nation?

Of course most Republicans support her; they are bowing to their fuhrer. But questions asked by Democrats prove that she is another poor choice by a hasty and unqualified man who is now our illegitimate president.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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