Mike Flynn is not only Controversial: He may have Violated United States Law


Mike Flynn, Trump’s controversial choice for national security adviser, believes in ‘fake news’ so extensively that he re-posts it. Like Trump, he doesn’t trust the media, unless it’s FOX Noise, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh or other Republican propaganda machines.

Flynn may have legal problems which will prevent him from remaining in his position. This ‘conspiracy theorist extraordinaire’ may have taken money in exchange for a speech for Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Just another Putin tie to the Trump administration; is anyone becoming suspicious?) Democrats are asking for a comprehensive investigation.

It is extremely concerning that [Flynn] chose to accept payment for appearing at a gala hosted by the propaganda arm of the Russian government, which attacked the United States in an effort to undermine our election,” the members wrote in the letter sent Wednesday.

Little, or nothing, has been said about the truth; Trump must experience some defeats, and his hypocritical party will not help the American people send him a message. But can we rely on cowardly Democrats to protect us?

White House ethics counsel, Norman Eisen, offered the definitive evaluation of the accusations against Flynn.

If Lieutenant General Flynn is subject to recall [by the Defense Department] and accepted foreign government funds without congressional consent, then that is a foreign emolument and so a violation of the Constitution,” Eisen said, adding, “Nor would it be a merely technical one.”

Deep concern was also voiced from the State Department related to Trump’s association with Vladimir Putin. I once heard a wise man say that ‘there are no coincidences. Trump’s confirmed assistance by Putin during the election to secure a victory, confirmed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s close personal and business relationship with Putin, and now Flynn’s connection to Putin is enough circumstantial evidence to prove that Putin is the President of the United States, and Trump is only a puppet.

Twelve days into the illegitimate administration of our 45th president, and more corruption has been exposed than at any other time in our nation’s history.

Republicans are your enemy and the enemies of freedom and democracy in the United States. Protecting Trump’s efforts to destroy the United States nothing less than traitorous activity.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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