Will a Trump Administration Remove America as the World’s Leader?


When George W. Bush was in office, America lost its status as a respected and compassionate nation. A once revered and admired leader of the free world, the United States was viewed with disdain and even hatred by many nations worldwide.

President Obama returned respect to America, but what will happen under the immoral and illegitimate Trump administration?

In just 12 days, Donald Trump’s executive orders have inspired protests against our nation from the world’s people.

For decades the United States held the position of ‘world leader.’ This was based first and foremost because of our Constitution, and what it offered all people living within our shores. Secondly, we were the world’s greatest economic power. Lastly, our formidable military strength offered the American people a sense of security. Under Bush, two illegal wars, an unrestricted Wall Street, and “trickle-down” economics forced America into a recession. The wars encouraged nations around the world to remove their respect for our nation. Our military is not prepared to fight a new style of warfare; continuing to waste billions of dollars on equipment which will never function as promised.

President Obama faced a near depression, “death to America” chants from one-half of the world, and a military budget which experienced enormous waste, and questionable decisions. After a difficult eight years, facing the party of “no,” he managed to move our nation into recovery, and re-established relations with most of world’s nations.

What will Trump do for our country. His first twelve days indicate that the answer is “not much.” The men and women he has appointed, and nominated, are not only controversial, many of them have less than respected backgrounds; some actions questioning the legality of their business investments. His executive orders are destructive, divisive, and have resulted in protests around the world. Last evening Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court justice. The empty seat on the bench has existed for nearly a full year thanks to Mitch McConnell, now Trump wants to rush through his confirmation. Gorsuch believes in Citizens United, and supports Christians while denying the Constitutional rights of all Americans. His past decisions, and his opinion of the Constitution confirm that he is the reincarnation of extreme right wing justice, Antonin Scalia; and that’s dangerous for the majority of Americans.

Trump’s continued intention to build his ‘great wall’ will further bankrupt our nation. His plan to deregulate Wall Street, and nearly every business in America will result in increased profits for the one-percent, the demise of the middle class, increase poverty, and widen the gap between the wealthy and the working class.

Trump’s efforts to replace our democracy with fascist rule will be denounced by the entire free world. His intention to eliminate all religion other than Christianity will repeal the first amendment, the most valued addendum to the Constitution.

So, to sum up the facts; Trump will lead our nation into a depression, establish a fascist regime, force our nation to lose all respect around the world, and place America in position to engage in another unwinnable war.

Vladimir Putin’s Russia will become the world’s leader, and China it’s economic leader.

The Trump effect is everlasting, and will end democracy forever.


By James Turnage


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