Who Really Selected Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court?


Trump announced his nominee for the empty Supreme Court seat this evening. He selected Neil Gorsuch, or should I say someone selected him for Trump. Trump has no clue, doesn’t read, and learns everything he knows from television according to White House sources.

We will be learning a great deal about the man and his philosophy, but what we know at the moment is that like Antonin Scalia, he does not believe that the Constitution is a ‘living document;’ that it must be interpreted as it was written nearly 241 years ago. He lives in the past, and that alone is frightening for progressive thinking Americans.

For me, the important fact is ‘who actually selected Gorsuch for Trump? Your illegitimate president knows nothing about government, and therefore has no idea of the importance of a Supreme Court Justice. He never heard of the man until someone told him that Gorsuch was his choice.

Let’s begin at the core of Trump’s circle of sinners. The primary theme is white supremacy. Is Gorsuch linked to this philosophy, or is he linked to someone else who is?

I am certain of only one thing; Gorsuch will not be properly vetted. Democrats are weak, and Republicans are a corrupt body who will submit to all of Trump’s immoral demands. His history will reveal the individual who actually selected him for the Court.

Previous decisions as a member of the appellate court reveal that he is a Christian fundamentalist. He aligns himself with Mike Pence, and his unconstitutional beliefs regarding religion. He is also inclined to support the executive branch of government, when any semblance of ambiguity exists in congress.

His decisions have been consistent in support of the Republican Party’s war on women.

So is Pence the force behind Gorsuch’s nomination? Or is it Robert Mercer, or even the disreputable Steve Bannon? We know that it wasn’t Trump.

Gorsuch is a life-long conservative who posed as a liberal in college. He is pro-life, and an opponent of assisted euthanasia. In other words, he is Antonin Scalia’s brother by another mother.

All signs point to the fact that Gorsuch was chosen by Bannon or Pence. Trump is no more than a tool; the man who signs his name to decisions made by his circle of sinners. Trump is the least informed president in history.

However, don’t lose sight of the fact that Trump’s goal is entirely financial. His only concern is personal wealth, and a pivotal figure in the New World Order. He has no concern regarding the future of the American people. Any reference to America is a lie; a facade.

If you choose to allow Trump and his circle of sinners their personal ambitions, you are joining in the destruction of America. Nearly 241 years is longer than some third world nations survived. The dream will soon be nothing more than a memory.


By James Turnage

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Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes

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