Trump’s Ignorance About Black History is Unforgivable for a President of the United States


Today begins Black History month. Since 1976, every president declared that February would be a month devoted to the contributions made by African Americans to our culture, and our nation’s history.

Trump made a feeble attempt today to claim that he was supportive, but it was not only shallow, it was rather pitiful.

Flanked by African Americans in skin color only, Omarosa, and Ben Carson, he made odd references to Frederick Douglass, and only mentioned Martin Luther King Jr. while decrying “fake news.” He also again referred to the media as the “opposition,” and frequently went off topic; according to “Gossip Cop.”

Naturally real celebrities, some of whom refused to perform at Trump’s illegitimate inauguration, responded. The remark which received the most attention was about Frederick Douglas, the historical orator, writer, and abolitionist.

Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.” Really?

Star Jones tweeted: “Lawd… My 11 year old step son knows more #AmericanHistory & has a better command of English than the #POTUS!”

Gabrielle Union retweeted an NFL columnist, who observed, “Trump had no idea who Frederick Douglass was,” as well as football player-turned-producer Matthew A. Cherry, who replied, “None. Was fumbling through his notes like a crazy person.”

You can read more on the attached link.

Trump has no shame, but he should. This is the most ignorant, uninformed, and unqualified man to ever step foot into the White House, nonetheless soil its sheets.

Did I ever tell you that Trump is a white supremacist? Several of his closest associates join in his belief, including Putin, Mercer, Bannon, and Sessions. “Birds of a feather.”

Twelve days after Trump’s inauguration, many of his supporters must be asking themselves; ‘what have I done?’ Those who continue to support him share his beliefs and lack of principles. Spinning the truth doesn’t change the facts, and “alternative truths” are simply re-worded lies.

A word about Black History month. Embrace it, and learn about the black women who were courageous and broke barriers long before any of us were born.

When I first heard the true story behind “Hidden Figures,” my first question was; ‘why isn’t that taught in every school in America. Then I thought about Trump and those like him in the Republican Party, and I had my answer.


By James Turnage


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