Trump Protects James Comey and Increases FBI Powers: Welcome to Fascist America


Fascism cannot exist without a ‘secret police force.’ The people must be observed every time they leave their home. Everyone is under suspicion.

Trump has taken another step to ensure that democracy in America is destroyed forever, and fascist rule will be firmly in place. There will be no more elections, as Trump and his circle of sinners take a firm hold of our once beloved nation.

Secret reports reveal that the FBI has become as powerful a force in our nation today, as it was during the 37 year domination by its despicable founder J. Edgar Hoover.

Civil rights groups have filed a petition to review the new FBI manuals and documents defining its powers. A federal judge, known to support government first, has denied their requests.

Trump decided to retain the services of Director James Comey. Much of this is based upon his assistance in the election when he scuttled Hillary’s campaign eleven days before the election. Comey has been seen rushing to the side of his president; obviously subservient and loyal.

The GOP has become Trump’s party; not just because he is its leader, he now dictates to Republicans in congress. He has become the most powerful leader our nation has ever known. He controls both houses of congress, and will soon dominate the decisions of the Supreme Court. He has become our first fuhrer. This were his first steps towards fascist rule.

Those he selected as “advisers,” and his cabinet have one goal; plutocracy. A new world is underway where the middle class will disappear, and the wealthy will dominate the majority; deciding what we will receive, including jobs and pay.

Trump’s government expects 320 million people to believe its “alternative facts.” By squashing the media, and removing free speech, the first amendment has been repealed. Now, with the institution of the FBI as his ‘secret police force,’ Trump has ensured that fascism is now fully empowered.

The link attached will offer details regarding the new/old FBI. If you doubted the need for a revolution, simply examine the facts, and listen to Republican politicians who are in the complete control of Fuhrer Donald J. Trump.

Take your country back.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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