Republican Party is all Smoke and Mirrors: No Substance: All Lies


If any American continues to believe that the Republican Party is concerned about the majority, they need to seek psychiatric help. Right wing politicians have accepted every demand from their fuhrer, and they are all detrimental to the working class. They are nothing more than hypocrites who seek wealth and power as they vote based on Trump’s plans, and the one-percent. Special interests own the GOP.

They have lied to the American people for such a long period of time that everything is now a lie first, and a half-truth second. Their latest is Trump’s executive order banning Muslims from seven nations from entering the United States. They claim that it is not an anti-Muslim action.

“This is not a ban on Muslim refugees,” Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.) assured. “Everybody needs to take a deep breath; there is no litmus test based on religion,” Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) said. “It’s simply wrong to call the president’s executive order concerning immigration and refugees ‘a religious test’ of any kind,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) argued.

Liar one, liar two, and liar three, are attempting to hide the fact that their party is the party of racism and bigotry. It there was even a minute amount of truth, Muslims from Saudi Arabia would be included. Never forget that of the 19 terrorists who waged a cowardly attack against innocent men and women on September 11, 2001; 15 of them were Saudi nationals. In addition, Trump stated that if Christians seek refuge from those seven nations, they will be welcomed with open arms.

If this isn’t enough proof, this headline continues to exist on Trump’s website:


When the American people look in their thesaurus for synonyms describing the word “liar,” Republican will now be on that list.

More than one-half of the GOP denounced Trump prior to receiving the party’s nomination, and before his election. These same hypocrites, including McConnell, Ryan, Romney, McCain, Graham, and Cruz are now kissing Trump’s old, fat behind.

If you vote Republican, you are voting in favor of billionaires and against yourself, your family, and those you love.


By James Turnage


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