Donald Trump: Master of Misdirection and the World’s Greatest Con Artist


Donald Trump’s inability to speak in English, his penchant for revenge against his critics, and his fool hardy actions will give the late night comics fodder for the next four years. He is a bad joke played on the American people. But is he?

I now believe that Trump is playing the media for nothing more than a group of fools who are ignoring the important events occurring in Washington.

I have figured out Donald Trump; he is a con artist, and one of the best in history. He conned millions of people to vote for him, although he was totally unqualified, was openly a white supremacist, and lied constantly to his own supporters. But was this just Trump being Trump, or was this planned? I believe it’s the latter.

When Trump’s business ventures were exposed; when it was revealed that he filed for bankruptcy four times, he diverted the attention these facts warranted with ridiculous comments about actions he would take as president. He didn’t mean what he said, but his humorous words took the media away from discussing the facts.

Once again, when three tapes were exposed, where Trump was discussing his ‘right to do anything with women he pleased,’ and then when more than a dozen women accused him of sexual assault, Trump denied it all, and once more used his ability of misdirection to influence the media’s choice not to pursue facts. They wrote and spoke about every seemingly foolish statement Trump made, and continued to discuss Hillary’s use of a private e-mail account. Trump’s true evils were ignored. Sensationalism sells advertising.

I underestimated the vile and immoral man who now lives in the White House. His masterful manipulations of a failed press and television media prevented discussions concerning the issues. Trump intentionally encouraged unrelenting discussion about his deplorable, and intentional rhetoric.

Now that he is your president, he continues his tactic of misdirection. The media is not reporting a lawsuit he is facing claiming defamation of character. They are not reporting the fact that he is violating ethics standards which do pertain to the president. He is not receiving criticism for his failure to include nations with which he has business interests in his ban on Muslims entering the United States. His nepotism is disgusting, but they fail to talk about the truth.

Instead, they are discussing his ‘executive actions.’ The truth is that the majority of these illegal actions will be repealed or declared unconstitutional by the courts. Meanwhile, he has manipulated the media into discussions about these non-issues, while he fails to reveal his tax returns, complete a physical required of the president, and divest himself from foreign business interests. The media has allowed the American people to forget his direct violation of his lease on the old Post Office building near the Capitol in which he now operates a very expensive hotel. The lease directly forbids the ‘operation for profit’ in the building by any and all elected officials.

Trump is making a fool of himself, the media, and the American people; but it is intentional. His goal is to create a four-year business venture. Trump, and his circle of sinners will double, or triple their personal wealth, and thus be able to establish a New World Order.

In addition, the wealthiest man in the world, Vladimir Putin, and his associate, Robert Mercer, will become two of the most powerful men in the world.

Laugh at him if you will; Trump is a buffoon; but he is acting this way intentionally.


By James Turnage

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