Bannon’s Fellow Alt-Right Member to Speak in San Luis Obispo


San Luis Obispo is a beautiful, small community with just over 46,000 residents. It is on the central coast of California, approximately half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

San Luis Obispo is home to Cal-Poly. Tomorrow evening, Milo Yiannopoulos, an openly gay Breitbart personality, and member of the white supremacist group, Alt-Right, will speak at the university’s Spanos Theater.

With today’s political climate led by a president who is a white supremacist, has a chief adviser and strategist, who is a white supremacist, and a nominee for Attorney General, who is a white supremacist, the number of protesters outside of the venue is expected to be very large.

Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at U C Davis on January 13th. When protesters grew, the university canceled the event.

On January 20th, during an event at the University of Washington, one protester was shot.

None of this matters to Yiannopoulos. Although he is openly gay, he continues to rant against women, Muslims, all minorities, and, like Trump, anyone who has the gall to speak in opposition to his distorted and vile beliefs.

The last time there was a march in San Luis Obispo, 10,000 people showed up to protest in support of equality and respect for all mankind. Tomorrow evening’s crowd is expected to surpass that number as individuals from other coastal and inland communities are expected to march not only against Yiannopoulos, but also again Trump’s bigoted policies.

Before Steve Bannon became Trump’s chief adviser and strategist, he was Trump’s CEO during his campaign. Before that, he worked for Ted Cruz. Prior to his political involvement, Bannon was the head of Breitbart, and approved or penned thousands of articles denouncing African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, women, and even the LGBT community. He has been overheard denouncing Jews; his prejudices are unlimited.

So read the news tomorrow night on your favorite news site. If you watch television, you will not hear the truth about the protest.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of NEXTconf

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