Trump’s Horrific First Days for the Nation and the World


So far Trump’s first actions as your president have created some very bad days for our nation and the world. But take heart; soon his illegal, immoral, and Unconstitutional actions will bring some very unpleasant days for this immoral and despicable man.

His circle of sinners is composed of millionaires and billionaires whose personal prejudices range from white supremacy to hatred for the environment. The worst is Trump’s chief adviser and strategist, Steve Bannon. Bannon is part of three decisions Trump made on Saturday.

Most Americans are now aware that Bannon made his fortune on Wall Street, then became the head man at Breitbart, and has no experience in any form of government. He has been too busy writing and approving articles containing every bigoted belief known to mankind while leading Breitbart.

Trump has made another dangerous and rash decision; Bannon will now have a seat on the principal’s board of the National Security Agency. This board will also include controversial Trump nominee Rex Tillerson and recently confirmed Secretary of Defense, James Mattis.

Let’s be honest here, Bannon has no right to sit on such an important board. He is a despicable man who believes in white supremacy and a fascist government. Before the election, most intelligent Americans questioned Trump’s decision making process and his extremely weak temperament. Now we know for certain that he is not capable of intelligent examination of the facts; his decisions are rash and very controversial.

Trump also ordered the Pentagon to devise a more aggressive plan to defeat ISIS within 30 days. No one knows what Trump will decide, but do not be surprised if we engage in another huge war in the Middle East. Trump already told us that “he loves war,” as long as he nor his strange children are forced to fight it.

Most importantly for Trump, he engaged in a one-hour phone call with his puppet master Vladimir Putin. He needed to receive his orders for the next couple of weeks. Trump’s nearly six year association with the Russian president has been denied, but the facts are there.

It is becoming aware to even the most uninformed Americans that Trump makes decisions based on the first thought that pops into his head. Nothing is thoroughly considered, and there is no deliberation with experienced and qualified members of congress or national security advisers.

You voted for him, you got him. As for me, I’ll have plenty to write about; Trump will make a mistake every day he is in office. Next January the entire nation will be saying: “Thank God that’s over with.”


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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