Trump Effect Creates Great Fear in Muslim-American Communities


If anyone in our nation doubted that a Trump presidency would produce repercussions among African Americans, women, the LGBT community or Muslim-Americans, they weren’t paying attention to Trump’s vile rhetoric during his campaign. When he signed an Unconstitutional executive order to ban entry to the United States by Muslims from seven nations, he created even more fear in those communities.

I find it interesting that the nation which supplied the largest number of terrorists on 9/11, Saudi Arabia, and Muslim nations in which Trump has business interests were not included.

The authorities in Victoria, Texas, report that the cause of a fire which destroyed a mosque early Saturday morning, remains undetermined.

“It’s sad to stand there and watch it collapse down, and the fire was so huge,” Shahid Hashmi, the Islamic center’s president, said. “It looks completely destroyed.”

This is one situation where I feel free to speculate. Beginning on November 9, 2016, hate crimes in America have increased by large numbers. Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Women, and the LGBT community have been verbally harassed and physically attacked. The worst of America have come out of the shadows in support of their newly elected leader.

Prior to a report of the fire, the Imam awoke in the middle of the night. He checked his online surveillance from the mosque, and discovered that the alarm system was not functioning, the doors were unlocked, and several laptops and computers were missing.

“Because of growing anti-Muslim bigotry in our nation, and because of the recent spike in hate incidents targeting Islamic institutions and individuals, we urge investigators to keep the possibility of a bias motive for this fire in mind,” CAIR-Houston Executive Director Mustafaa Carroll said. CAIR is the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

This is Trump’s vision of America. Originally it appeared that white supremacy would be the goal of his administration, but it has morphed into complete fascism. As the Republican Party bows to its fuhrer, Trump is assuming dictatorial power, and is acting in similar fashion to Hitler in 1933 Germany. His rash actions are not only fool hardy, they destroy democracy.

You must decide whether you want to live free, or serve Trump and his circle of sinners. It’s one or the other.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Tinou Bao

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